Monthly Archives: May 2008



Graeae: three gray haired hags from the Greek Mythology that only had one eye and one tooth among them, and took turns to use them. Yuck :P Mixed media.

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Old Dog is Ooooooooold

This is Ashley, my dog who lives back east with my Dad. She is 15 1/2 and still surprises us… in the moments when she is awake, that is :)

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Lots of practice.

Some speed sketches at a coffee shop. These are still frames from Planet Earth done about 40 mins each. I’ve finally got a lot of time on my hands, so im using it to practice speed painting.  Im trying all sorts of stuff.  One of these days i’ll have to get good at industrial/building environments.

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and still more girls!

Some new girls for the week (oh, and an old one re-worked) :)

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Some doodling


Random stuff I did with pen and ink, last one also with watercolors + colored pencils. Hope you like! :)

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