Monthly Archives: February 2008

The Schrödinger Project

Hi, Gang ! A lil’ experimentation made last afternoon, just for the fun of it. A tad more work on the font and it will be ready to be upgrade on my website… Maybe ? Amis Gorilles, au revoir ! ^^

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floater -[wip]

floater wip

hopefully i’ll be able to do a sketchy every night. we shall see… i think i might take this a bit further later on or this weekend. time to sleep!

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Flyer Design

A flyer i designed for a club around here in Fl.  I don’t do these things that often but i got offered this at the last minute, so i just banged it out in one sitting.  One good thing is that i’ll be doing more, and should have more time to do something creative.   I […]

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Morue !


okay… thought i’d share some stuff…. argh, you guys are awesome ! Keep posting please ! Some color exercices and some research for the dominance war contest.

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Rabbit madness.


Hello… I don’t have much new&exciting material to post at the moment, so here’s a tattoo I did a little while ago. Pardon my craptastic photography skills :)

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